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titles use the font SA Cinta by Shellie in co

the rest of the body uses the font Minipax by Raphaƫl Ronot

artwork in home.html by Zac Gorman

artwork in why.html by candrawchris

i got the code to style the scrollbar from this CSS Scrollbar Generator

tunes.html uses SCM Music player

the clip in the background of my button is originally from Over the Garden Wall (episode 1)

specific credits for /intotheunknown/ can be found here

changelog (yyyy-mm-dd)

2021-07-17 - added /notebook/, updated /matchbox/, /gbti/

2021-06-11 - updated /matchbox/, /gbti/

2021-06-06 - added /matchbox/, updated /gbti/ and fixed some typos

2021-06-04 - added /someday/ and updated /gbti/

2021-06-01 - added /intotheunknown/

2021-05-31 - moved /contact.html's info to the homepage, updated /gbti/

2021-05-23 - added the news bar in /home/, updated /gbti/ and fixed some typos

2021-05-22 - clouded is officially LIVE!