(no importa si las horas) bajan

january, 2023

Hello, 2023! It's been a nice start to the year for me. Using my free time to try and focus on enjoying what is happening around me, living day by day. Taking advantage of the momentum of a new year starting, I'm developing a habit of keeping a daily diary inspired by Austin Kleon's logbook where I write down every little thing I did in the day. It's a really gratifying experience. I get to record so much mundane but endearing stuff that I would forget otherwise, and I also have my daily moment of winding down and revisiting my entire day. To me, it's so weirdly amazing how something so simple (I spend less than 30 minutes a day writing in it!) can be so rewarding. I definitely recommend it.

I love January. It's the Saturday of the year (or at least that's how it feels when you're a student in the Southern Hemisphere) A full month of only doing fun stuff just for the sake of it. I believe it's the only month of the year when I truly let myself get full of energy and joy. February is very Sunday-esque in this sense because you still have free time but being so self-indulgent just doesn't feel quite right anymore. It's that month when you have to bite the bullet and take care of your responsibilities, but alas. January's that girl.

By the time I post this edition of glimpses I don't think the project will be up yet, but I want to let you know that I'm working a lot behind the scenes on a new version of the site. The plan is to put it online before March gets around, but since I'd like to add a lot of new content and not just cosmetic changes, I don't want to be too tough on myself and self-impose a tight deadline. I'm extremely proud and excited with how it's all coming together, it's the first time in a while I'm this obsessed with one of my creations. On top of that, I've noticed I'm getting more efficient and confident when it comes to technical aspects, so that's cool too. I hope you like it just as much as I do! Please look forward to it :)

My 2023 media "challenge" is off to a great start! This month I finished 2 books + I'm almost done with Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (an amazing book btw!!!!) On the musical side, I listened to 6 records! 2 full albums at that! I'd forgotten the joy of discovering new songs to listen to on loop. 1915's Fuera de Lugar is one masterpiece of an album and TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Devil By The Window is changing my entire brain chemistry, for better or for worse. It's not the sort of song I'd recommend to a friend, but the truth is that I'm completely obsessed with it. Jesus.

One of the items in my to-do list is to create a separate page to log these things, so glimpses is not becoming My Monthly Media Review just yet. It'll probably take a while, but it's coming!

The Last of Us is such an amazing show I'm HOOKED. We're in January and I already think it's the show of the year. It's that serious. I'm viciously avoiding looking up absolutely anything about it online because I know myself and I don't want to get spoiled by the game and experience the story in all its glory, so it's merely sitting in the back of my brain for now. The moment I start looking for fanart and stuff it's over for me.

And that's it for January! Hopefully by the time the next edition comes around you'll be reading it on the new version of the site!!!

- the pilgrim


Seulgi - Anywhere But Home

Chuu, Yves - Girl's Talk

SZA - Kill Bill


Seulgi - Los Angeles

1915 - Solo por hoy

LustSickPuppy - RIDE IT

Pescado Rabioso - Bajan

1915 - Haiku

Harry Styles - As It Was

SZA - Low

La La Land Cast - City of Stars

Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze

Chloe x Halle - Do It


Kali Uchis - quiero sentirme bien


Nena, nena, qué bien te ves
Cuando en tus ojos no importa si las horas
Bajan, el día se sienta a morir
Bajan, la noche se nubla sin fin
Y además vos sos el Sol
Despacio, también podés ser la Luna
Bajan, by Pescado Rabioso
There’s no hourglass running out. No alarm will go off if you don’t learn everything in time or win all of the awards quickly. No one is watching and measuring. No one holds a secret key to happiness. Success doesn’t make everything perfect in every way.
Our job is to luxuriate in the present. Everything good starts there.
In the moments that we’re luxuriating in the present the most, that’s when we’re the most special. Why? Because we’re letting the divine beauty of this world show itself to us. Because we’re open to the people around us. Because when we’re fully present, we’re smarter and more full of love than at any other time we’re alive.
Presence makes us special because only when we’re completely present can we see other people clearly and love them for who they are with all of our hearts. That love transforms us into something brighter and bigger, when we feel it. It makes other people brighter and bigger when they feel it and let it in.
'I'm So Far Behind!', by Heather Havrilesky
He keeps asking himself if he was lucky or unlucky, keeps checking to see if he's still there. Still alive. Still alive. Aren't I?
Bullet Train, by Kotaro Isaka
Our fixation on authenticity-posting is perhaps a reflection of our anxieties about the internet and how it debilitates our modern sense of self. (...) The notion of authenticity mollifies the viewer, assuring them that there is some truth to what is seen online.
Are we ever authentically ourselves on the internet?, by Terry Nguyen
can’t believe my stupid ass has imposter syndrome while elon musk is confidently marching around twitter HQ and chewing on wires until something breaks
Tweet by @MNateShyamalan
City of stars
Are you shining just for me?
City of stars
You never shined so brightly
City of Stars from La La Land
But you must learn to be less neurotic and rigid and brittle and insecure and punitive about [everything]. And the only route to that more balanced, calm, generous outcome is through the long, wide, soft creek bed of FORGIVENESS.
(...) And if you forgive yourself every single morning for being the exact way you naturally are, inspired bursts and self-hating spirals and all, you can start to chip away at your shame. Forgive yourself every day and feel that forgiveness inside your skin.
How Open-Hearted Can You Be and Still Survive?, by Heather Havrilesky
But in the spring a postcard came: it was scribbled in pencil, and signed with a lipstick kiss: Brazil was beastly but Buenos Aires the best. Not Tiffany's, but almost.
Breakfast at Tiffany's, by Truman Capote
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