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while browsing around the pupil, reading their matchbox page felt like an eureka moment. pretty much all of my interests last for some months at most and then die out, and i'm okay with that! but i thought it'd be cool to have a page inspired by around the pupil's that sort of "archives" them because i'm pretty sure that there are dozens of little interests that ranged anywhere from three days to years i've already forgotten. here are my matches!

still burning

(to a varying degree and in no particular order)
  • html/css/personal sites in general
  • over the garden wall
  • photomanipulation (one day i'll pick it up again! not today though)
  • graphic design
  • kpop girlgroups
  • the loonaverse
  • detroit: become human (funnily enough i've never actually played it, i'm just really invested in the story)
  • twins in paradise
  • zines
  • cardistry
  • artificial intelligence
  • language learning
  • infographics
  • city pop
  • other sorts of visual arts in general not mentioned above
  • existentialism
  • masterchef
  • being out and about
  • caligraphy
  • genshin impact
  • ???

  • extinguished

    god some of these go back to when i was like 10! the fact that i'm not exactly interested in these anymore doesn't mean that i don't remember most of them fondly, i'm just not invested anymore
  • violetta
  • percy jackson/riordanverse
  • steven universe
  • star vs. the forces of evil
  • voltron: legendary defender
  • twenty one pilots
  • poppy's old cryptic videos (fuck tit*nic sincl*ir)
  • harry potter
  • chess and other miscellaneous board games
  • kakegurui
  • musical theatre
  • anne with an e
  • minecraft
  • certain kpop boygroup that i now mildly dislike because their discography is kinda ass and most of their fans are annoying (not bts)
  • my hero academia
  • danganronpa
  • stranger things