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the notebook



heyyy it's me. after what, 4 weeks? 5 maybe? can't say i have any valid reasons but hey i'm alive and happy so i kinda don't care that i neglected what i consider my newborn for a month or so. i might haven't touched a code editor in a month BUT i put in like more than 50 hours of genshin impact while i was away so there's that! i've come to terms with the fact that i've become what i swore to destroy so expect a page related to genshin Sometime this year (subject to changes). i enjoy saying nonsense but writing things in the changelog related to anything but changes didn't sound like the brightest idea so without further ado i present: the notebook! i have quite a bit of things in mind for this site but i have a feeling that they're gonna take a while to be done so this page is my way of saying "hi i'm not dead" in the meantime hehe.