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a sanctuary for myself and the things that make me happy

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go home?

feeling like shit?

take a break from whatever you're doing and...

  • (2') wash your face
  • (2') drink a glass of water
  • (4') dance to hula hoop
  • (5') eat something sweet and tasty, like chocolate or a cookie
  • (15') stretch
  • (+30') text a friend
  • (+30') watch an episode of the office
  • (+30') go out for a walk
  • (+30') read a cheesy romance fanfic

silly little things i'm looking forward to

  • working on clouded <3
  • kevin johansen concert in september it was super fun!!!
  • luminous by loona this sucked so bad i'm not even gonna try to lie to you
  • coldplay concert in november


(this playlist's a huge messy mishmash as of 2022-08-01, i might tidy it up sometime)

1. blah - blah blah

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